August 27, 2007

Good news for education (maybe)

Possible some good news for education. Eton and a number of other influential public schools could be about to dump A-Levels. That they could be going for an alternative set of qualifications is not the main point (there has been the International Baccalaureate for year as an example of another alternative academic qualification) it is that they are dumping A Levels in favour of a system designed by Cambridge University. That is better than the IB or A Level because since it is an exam to get into university which is set by the university themselves it eliminates the perverse incentives that have caused the grade inflation in A Levels. The incentives would be no longer to get as many people with as high grades as possible (by whatever means possible), but to give the universities an accurate idea of what the person is actually capable of to see if they want them or not.


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